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What is the NAGA Feed?
What is the NAGA Feed?

Learn about content in the Feed

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NAGA Feed is the constantly updating list of posts ✍️ and news 🗞 in the middle of your main page at NAGA. The Feed includes traders' statuses, photos, videos, posts by other traders, and news from Thomson Reuters to keep you up to date.

The Feed is a space for traders and investors of different experience levels around the world to come together and talk about markets ✋! Publish posts, share your trading success, and get copied by other traders.

💡 You can use the Feed to grow your network by generating content that’s relevant and valuable.

Sounds like a lot of great stuff 😀, so let's give you a quick overview of your main page and Feed!

⬅️ Left-hand column

At the top of this column, you'll find your username and the type of account you hold.

Below are some primary menu items:

💰 Manage Funds: This is where you oversee your deposits, withdrawals, transfers, or change payment methods.

💹 Copy Trading: Dive into this section to understand and manage the traders you're copying or to make yourself available to be copied by others.

👛 Copy Premium Wallet: Reflects the balance you've received from others copying your trades.

👉🏻 Learn what is the Copy Premium here.

🏆 Leader Dashboard: Here you can track the statistics of the best Copy Trading leaders for different periods of time, and familiarize yourself with them.

👉🏻 Learn what is the Leaderboard here.

Additionally, the left-hand column provides access to the Academy, a comprehensive educational hub for traders of all experience levels. For those eager to get real-time assistance in their trading, there are tools such as the Economic Calendar, keeping you abreast of pivotal financial events, and Trading Signals, offering actionable insights based on thorough market analysis.

And if you ever need assistance or wish to provide feedback, there's a dedicated button at the column's end.

Right-hand column ➡️

In this section, there're a lot of helpful trading widgets to keep you updated.

🔝 Top Leaders and Top Wins. Top Leaders is the ranking of the most successful traders on NAGA. It will help you to find a trader to copy. Top Wins shows the latest most profitable trades.

👉🏻 Read about the Top Leaders and Top Wins widget here.

📊 Tops and Flops. This widget shows best and worst-performing assets. Click on See all to explore all the trading assets.

👉🏻 Read about this widget here.

📚 NAGA Academy Webinars: Our team creates a lot of educational content for users. This section showcases the upcoming webinars where you can deepen your trading knowledge.

📢 Feed

In the middle, you can see all the important market news, announcements and updates from the NAGA Team and the statuses of the people you follow. Here you can also share your own thoughts or start a discussion.

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