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How do I publish a new post?
How do I publish a new post?

Learn how to share a status

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To create a new post✍️, go to the top of your feed or profile timeline and type directly over the “Share something” prompt.

Follow this step-by-step instruction to create an amazing post:

🌟 At the top of your feed or timeline, click on the text box.

🌟 Enter the text you want to share.

You can also:
▪️Click on the Photo/Video icon 📷 to upload multiple images or a video
▪️Use @username to tag other users 👥 and notify them
▪️Use #hashtags #️⃣
▪️Tag $stocks – type 💲 and then either the market ticker (e.g. $AAPL) or the name ($Apple).

The first five tagged instruments appear in a widget directly beneath the images or video attached, if any, and redirect anyone reading your post to the relevant market page for them to trade those instruments.

🌟 Add emotion 😀 to describe your mood.

🌟 Click Post to publish a new status.

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