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How can I upload a timeline image?
How can I upload a timeline image?

Learn how to share a picture

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With images 🏞 in your posts, you have a better chance to become noticed and get attention from other traders.

❕Please note that the maximum size of a photo on the Feed is 1200x600 pixels.

To share images on NAGA:
1️⃣ At the top of your feed or timeline, click the camera icon 📷

2️⃣ Select the pictures you want to share.

➕ You can also:
▫️Click on the movie tape🎞 icon to add a video
▫️Use @ to tag other users👥
▫️Use #hashtags #️⃣
▫️Tag $stocks with💲

3️⃣ Add text or emotion, then click Post.

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