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What do the emotions in the status mean?
What do the emotions in the status mean?

Learn how to add emotions to your status on NAGA Help Center❓If you have questions, please contact our Support Team

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🙂 Emotions in the status are an extra tool to show your friends and followers if you’re feeling inspired🤩, bullish😈, or bearish🐻. It’s a great way to sum up the information shared within your status, and give people a full picture of your state of mind.

To share how you're feeling in a status:
1️⃣ Start creating a new post at the top of your News Feed or as a timeline.
2️⃣ Click on a smiley face
3️⃣ Choose how you’re feeling by clicking one of the suggestions.
4️⃣ After you’ve added your feeling or activity, complete your status update with pictures, charts, quotes, videos, links, etc., and click Post.

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