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What is the Leaderboard?
What is the Leaderboard?
Learn where you can find the list of the best performing traders at NAGA
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The easiest way to find traders to follow and copy is by exploring NAGA’s Leaderboard of top traders. It contains all of the traders on our platform. By default, the Leaderboard 🏆ranks Top Traders by the profit they made. You can check each of the leaders there and see transparently their trading statistics on the platform, their feed posts, trading history and more.

🥇You can also sort the traders in the leaderboard by the following parameters:

🔽 Profits Made (Sum of gross profit made on NAGA)
🔽 Profit for Copiers (Sum of the net profit made for Copiers)
🔽 Successful Copiers ( Sum of net profit of all copied trades)
🔽 Copy Premium Earned (Sum of premium received from being copied)
🔽 Managed Funds (Sum of all margins from all closed copied orders)
🔽 Best Return (Average return of investment of closed orders)
🔽 Most Copied (Number of unique users that have at least one closed copied trade)
🔽 Most Total Premium Earned (Highest sum of premium generated)
🔽 ROI on Single Trade (Highest ROI of a closed trade)
🔽 ROI on FX/CFD (Highest ROI of closed Forex trade)
🔽 ROI on CFD (Highest ROI of closed CFD trade)

📚ROI (Return on Investment) = gross profit ÷ margin (i.e. profit generated compared to the invested amount)

Narrow the number of traders by filtering them:

🔽 by time period (Month, Today, Week, All Time),
🔽 location (Worldwide or Around You)
🔽 or by social connections (Everyone, People I Follow, My Friends, and Leaders).

For a trader to get into the Top Traders section, he needs to have a successful trading history.

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