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How to Buy and Sell stocks with NAGA?
How to Buy and Sell stocks with NAGA?

Learn how to trade real stocks

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What are Real Stocks?

A stock is a type of security, that allows an investor to own a part of a company and sometimes even have the right to vote on management issues and to receive profit based on the results of corporate work. It is also known as "shares" or "equity". Stock signifies proportionate ownership in the issuing corporation. They can be purchased via online or offline brokers.

Fractional shares?

At NAGA we do not offer fractional or partial shares of stocks, being the minimum 1 share and then multiples of 1.

To trade real stocks 💼 on NAGA you need:

1️⃣ Register at NAGA.

3️⃣ Open MT5 trading account. You can read how to open a trading account here.

4️⃣ Deposit funds to your MT5 trading account.

How to buy and sell stocks 📈 on NAGA?

1. Discover markets

Find the most popular real stocks from major countries and invest in the companies you believe in and experience the privileges of a real shareholder without the cost of commissions and hidden fees. To see all the available stocks at NAGA go to the Markets section and use a search bar to find the stock of your interest.

2. Decide whether you want to buy or sell

First, you need to check the current price. Click on the stock to see detailed charts and current prices. The first price is the bid (sell price). The second price is the offer (buy price). If you think that the price will go up you can buy stocks or sell them if the price is likely to fall. You can also choose 'Sell/Buy at the specific rate' if you don't want to buy/sell at the current price.

3. Select the size of your trade

Decide how much you want to invest. Choose the investment amount or lot size and enter the value.

4. Set limit orders

A limit order is a type of order to buy/sell an instrument at a specified price or better. Setting stop-loss orders is the key risk management technique to prevent great losses. ❗️Please note that a limit order is not guaranteed to be executed at the exact same price.

👉🏻 Learn how to set limit orders here.

5. Close trade

You can open new trades or close your current trade when you are satisfied with your trade or want to prevent losses.

👉🏻 Learn how to manage your active trades here.

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