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What is a Limit Order?
What is a Limit Order?

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🔵 A limit order is a type of order to buy/sell an instrument at a specified price or better.

For buying, the order should be placed below the current market price. For example, if you want to buy a certain instrument with a current price of $1000, you can set the limit order to buy at $930. In this case, the order won't be opened unless the price you specified becomes available.

🔵 Here is an example how you can set a limit order to buy on NAGA:

For selling, the sell price should be set above the current market price. It means that to set a limit order, you need to specify a price higher than the current – $1100. The limit order to sell will be filled at $1100 or better price.

🔵 Here is an example how you can set a limit order to sell on NAGA:

A limit order can be filled at the specified or better than the specified price level. However, it is not guaranteed that this order will be executed. When opened, it becomes a market order.

Learn what is a Market Order here.

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