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How to deposit funds to NAGA?
How to deposit funds to NAGA?

Learn how you can fund your NAGA account and the methods available for that.

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Depositing funds to NAGA is pretty easy and straightforward. We offer a wide variety of depositing methods and are expanding them continuously.

Here is an easy and quick guide on how to deposit funds to your account:

1️⃣ Please make sure that you have upgraded your account to Live and also verified your identity. This will allow you to remove any funding limits.

2️⃣ Afterwards, visit the Money Management section of your account.💳

3️⃣ Once you are there, you will be able to see all of the available depositing methods from which you can choose to fund your account. The funding methods that you see are based on your country of residence.

4️⃣ Pick one of the methods and proceed with your deposit.

🧑‍💻 PRO Tip: if you are doing your first deposit in EUR, GBP or any other currency, please make sure that the amount of deposit in the alternative currency is equivalent or bigger than 250 USD.

❗️Important rules and policies for deposits

🔵 Different countries and regions have different depositing methods available. To check which funding methods are available to you go here.
🔵 Please note that there might be some limits for deposits/withdrawals for certain deposit methods. You can check the deposit limits here.
🔵 Third-party payments cannot be accepted. Therefore, you should use cards or bank accounts that belong to you and not to any friend or relative.
🔵 NAGA is not charging any fees or commissions for depositing funds. However, please make sure to check the fees of the payment provider that you use.

You can check your depositing history here.

Learn how to verify your payment method here.

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