Any live, verified user can benefit 💰 from the achievement system and copy bonuses. Being at the top of the leaderboard (Top Trader) highly increases your exposure, and subsequently, chances of being autocopied. The more people copy you – the more copy bonuses you will earn.

👉🏻 Learn what is the Leaderboard (Top Traders) here.

How does NAGA rank the Top Traders❓

▪️Profits from copiers
▪️Successful copiers
▪️Copy bonus earned
▪️Managed funds
▪️Profits on Crypto
▪️Best return
▪️Most Copied
▪️Most trades made
▪️Most referral bonus earned
▪️Most Total bonus earned
▪️ROI on single trade
▪️ROI on FX
▪️ROI on CFDs

If you are a fully verified user and you will have high ratios for one of the above points, you will be able to get into the Top Traders section.

💡 Tips on how to improve your trading skills and increase your popularity at NAGA:

🙋 Join NAGA webinars to keep up with the markets and learn trading insights
👥 Follow, engage and learn from other traders
🧰 Make use of tools like the NAGA Protector
🚨 Set up price alerts to avoid missing anything
📢 Publish relevant and helpful and valuable content to the feed

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