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What is NAGA Protector?
What is NAGA Protector?

Learn how you can use NAGA Protector in trading

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NAGA Protector is a powerful tool that can help traders minimise their losses and secure their profits.

To use it, set your preferences and the NAGA Protector Stop Loss and Take Profit parameters when opening (or modifying) a trade. As soon your trading reaches the set values, NAGA Protector will be triggered and the trade will be closed.

Follow the next steps to enable NAGA Protector:

1️⃣ Choose an asset
Go to the Markets section and select one of our various trading instruments you prefer.

2️⃣ Set limits
To enable NAGA Protector, choose the amount or specific rate. Turn on a trigger and set the Take Profit (green) and Stop Loss (red) limits for your order.

3️⃣ Open a trade
Open a trade and NAGA Protector will automatically close it when the order meets the conditions you set.

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