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How does Autocopy work?
How does Autocopy work?
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Autocopy is a powerful 💪 tool anyone can use to take advantage of professional traders' expertise by automatically mirroring their trading activity and results.

Before you actually start Autocopying you'll need to follow these simple steps:

👨‍💻 Choose a trader whose trading strategy you'd like to copy.
🔁 Click the Auto Copy button.
💸 Choose the Autocopy type and enter the investment amount.
🔁 Click the Auto Copy button in the right corner to confirm and start copy trading.

👉🏻 Learn what do you need to start Autocopying here.

▫️After you confirmed your Autocopy settings ⚙️, the algorithm will automatically mirror any eligible trade opened by a copied trader.

▫️That means that any order that falls within the parameters you set, will be copied instantly 🔁 unless there are insufficient funds on your balance or another issue. In this case, the order will be skipped, and you'll get a notification about the issue that prevented trade from being copied.

▫️The copied trade will be automatically stopped ⏹ when a trader closes the order.

❗️Please note: Copied trades are always linked to the master trade.

However, you can set your own limits for copied trades. It means that a copied trade closes when a master trade closes or when the set limits are reached, whichever takes place first.

For example:

If limits are reached while master trade is open, copied trade will be closed on the set values. However, if a master trade closes prior to reaching the limits you set, a trade will be closed too.

➡️ You can also set individual limits for each copied trade.

You can copy an unlimited number of traders simultaneously. Every eligible trade of a copied trader will be mirrored automatically until you pause Autocopying.

❗️Please note: Any active position copied before you stopped Autocopying a user, will still be linked to the master trade until closed by a trader.

👉🏻 Learn how to stop copying a trader here.

💁🏼‍♀️ If you still have questions about copy trading check other related articles.

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