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How can I Autocopy?
How can I Autocopy?

Learn how you to start using NAGA Autocopy

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Want to try NAGA's Autocopy feature? This simple guide will help you start with copy trading.

🙌🏻 To Autocopy on NAGA you need to have a verified NAGA account and at least €50 on your balance. However, we recommend having more than €250 on the balance for a better experience with trading and using Autocopy.

👉🏻 Learn how to verify your account here.

When you are all set, you need to find the trader that you would like to copy.

Here are a few short rules on how to find the trader to copy:

🔴 You can explore NAGA's top traders in the Leaderboard section, where you can easily compare all of the traders and transparently see their statistics and trading performance.

👉🏻 Find out what is the leaderboard and how to use it here.

🔴 The Top Traders list is based on trading performance and other statistics. By default, all the traders are sorted by the profits they've made. Click on any trader to open the profile and see trading statistics and the history of their trades.

🔴 The Best way to find the right trader is by checking the trader's Feed, Win rate, Profit chart, Copiers statistics, etc. When you find a trader you want to copy, click on the Auto Copy button near his name.

🔴 Next, you need to choose the autocopy type and enter the investment amount.

👉🏻 To find out more about Fixed and Relative amounts go to What does “Fixed Amount per Trade” in the Autocopy amount mean? or What does “Amount Relative to the Leader” in the Autocopy amount mean?.

🔴 When you set your copying parameters, click on the Auto Copy button to confirm your settings and start mirroring all of the trades of a trader automatically.

Watch the video below for more information on Autocopy:

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