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How do I stop Autocopying someone?
How do I stop Autocopying someone?
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If you have started autocopying someone, you can stop it at any moment you want.

❗️Please note: any active position copied before you stopped Autocopying a user, will still be linked to the master trade until closed by a trader.

The easiest way to manage your Autocopy Investments is by visiting the Copy Trading section. There you can see all the information about your copy trading, including the list of traders you currently copy.

▪️The first you’ll see the Timeline 🗓 of all your copied trades. For your convenience, we added two tabs that contain the list and history of users you copied earlier or are currently copying.

▪️To stop copying a trader open the Active tab, choose a user you want to stop copying from the column on the left. Now you’ll see the history of all the trades you copied after this user and relevant statistics📈. In the right corner of the dashboard click on the down arrow 🔽 and choose Pause Autocopying from the drop list.

▪️Now this trader’s history will be moved to the Inactive section, where you’ll be able to resume copying by clicking on the down arrow 🔽 and choosing Enable User.

❗️Please note: Copied trades are always linked to the master trade.

However, you can set your own limits for copied trades. It means that a copied trade closes when a master trade closes or when the set limits are reached, whichever takes place first.

For example:

If limits are reached while master trade is open, copied trade will be closed on the set values. However, if a master trade closes prior to reaching the limits you set, a trade will be closed too.

You can also set individual limits for each copied trade.

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