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What you need to get started
What you need to get started

How to get started on NAGA Help Center❓If you have questions, please contact our Support Team

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Starting with NAGA is very simple. If you haven't created your NAGA Account yet, you can register here.

🧑‍💻 PRO Tip: watch this video to learn how to create your NAGA Account.

What are your next steps after registering at NAGA?

Your first step to use NAGA at full potential is to verify your identity and to make your first deposit.

🧑‍💻 Learn how to verify your account here.

❗️Please note that you need to send us your proof of ID and residence within 15 days. Until your account is verified, you are able to deposit an amount of up to EUR 2,000 or equivalent in other currencies, irrespective of the number of accounts you hold.

You will receive an 📧 email notification after your account is successfully approved. Afterwards, your next step should be making your first deposit to begin your trading journey with NAGA. Please note that the recommended minimum deposit amount is $250.

After your account is approved and you've made your first deposit you will be able to start using NAGA with full potential. Here are the most popular features that users try first:

🔵 Copy trading with NAGA: follow and autocopy the top performing traders at NAGA. They trade, you copy! Check out the leaderboard

🔵 Trading any of the 1000+ available assets at NAGA. Trade now

Before beginning your journey with NAGA, please make sure you match the below requirements.

Individual requirements:

To open a NAGA account, you need to meet the following requirements:

🔵 Be of legal age in your country

🔵 Have a valid proof of identity such as a passport or/and a national ID

🔵 Have a valid proof of residence such as a utility bill or bank statement issued within the last 6 months

🔵 Please make sure to read the Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy upon registration and acknowledge the risk involved with trading complex financial instruments.

❗️Restricted regions: please visit our main website for updated information.

Technology requirements:

NAGA is available on iOS and Android devices as well as on most web browsers. Read here which types of devices are supported.

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