To changes the email address, the support team will initiate an ID check. after a positive ID verification our support team will discuss all further steps with you.


Please keep in mind that requests for an email change always have to come from the e-mail address given during the registration. For security reasons, we can not take any requests from other email addresses.


Our support colleagues are very happy to assist you, here you can see the available options for contacting us:

  • Web-Widget - On the NAGA Trader website, you will find a contact button with the text HELP on the bottom, clicking on it allows you to quickly and easily create a ticket.
  • Online Support - Through the NAGA website, you can also start a Live Chat with the support Team, our support team is more than happy to assist you.
  • Email Support - Of course, you can contact us also via E-Mail, after sending an email to [email protected] you will receive immediately a contact confirmation with your ticket number.
  • Phone Support - Our customer support team is always happy to talk to you in person. Just give us a call +357-25-041410.
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