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How to update your MetaTrader
How to update your MetaTrader
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MetaTrader is a highly popular platform for traders to engage in the trading of various assets. Serving as the gateway between users and the trading markets, this feature-rich platform empowers traders with the ability to perform a diverse range of trading activities. These include charting and technical analysis, monitoring the markets, and automating trades through Expert Advisors.

As with any software, regular updates are essential. We invite you to update your MetaTrader 4/5 from your desktop and mobile by following the steps below:


  1. Open MetaTrader on your Computer

  2. Click on Help

  3. Then you can click on Check Desktop Updates

  4. and select Latest Release Version


  1. You can check for updates through the Google Play Store or App Store Accordingly

If you require additional assistance on connecting to MetaTrader, please refer to the relevant articles here

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