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Are my funds and data safe? | NAGA Pay
Are my funds and data safe? | NAGA Pay

Learn about security of your funds at NAGA Pay

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Yes! The security of your funds and your private information are our main priority at NAGA Pay.

You will be happy to know that we take all the necessary security measures to ensure that NAGA is one of the safest financial systems on the market, with regards to personal data.

Please be reassured that we never sell your data to anyone.

Our infrastructure is stationed privately across multiple cloud systems with multi-level backups done on a regular basis. We use extensive firewalls and load balancers to establish network security and best accessibility while we also rely on exclusive security support. In addition, we constantly monitor new threats and apply security patches immediately with the new releases.

We continuously and tirelessly strive to eliminate your security concerns and offer you the peace of mind and protection you deserve, so you can focus on your trading and payment needs. In addition, despite all of the encryptions and protection systems that we use, all NAGA Pay Accounts have the optional Multi-Factor Authentication for increased security, a feature we highly recommend to be enabled for all users.

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