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NAGA VIP User Levels and Benefits
NAGA VIP User Levels and Benefits

Learn more about NAGA VIP Levels and how to reach them

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Our achievements system splits traders into 6️⃣ VIP user levels: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Crystal. Each new level gives you exclusive benefits, better trading conditions and lower fees. To achieve a VIP user level you need to open a live NAGA account & get verified as well as meet the minimum net deposit requirements.

Traders move through the VIP user levels by increasing the amount of their net deposit. For example, to become a Gold Trader, you need to deposit at least $25,000 in a fiat currency.

However, you can upgrade from Gold to Diamond Trader Level by successfully trading with NAGA. Open your own trades or copytrade to reach a $50,000 total balance and become a Diamond Trader while depositing only 50% of the net deposit required for this level.

Please note: your VIP User Level depends on the net deposit and may be downgraded when you make a withdrawal. However, if you make a loss while trading, it will not negatively affect your level.

After reaching a new VIP User Level, a trader receives new exclusive benefits as well as better trading conditions.

For example, your benefits for reaching🏅Gold Trader VIP level are:
⭐️ Gold Spreads (e.g. EURUSD 0.9)
⭐️ Copy Premium All Pairs $0.22 per copied trade
⭐️ Copy Premium FX PAIRS: $0.80 per copied trade
⭐️ 2 EUR/USD/GBP or equivalent withdrawal fee
⭐️ Daily NAGA 15 Trading Signals

⭐️ 4 One on One Tutoring

⭐️ Premium Ebooks

👉🏻 Check our VIP User Levels and benefits for achieving them here.

You can learn your current user level by checking the Achievements tab on your Profile page.

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