To get Autocopied and earn copy bonuses you need to comply with both the trader account requirements and trading requirements.

Your account requirements 👤:

⚪️ Be at least IRON Trader or higher
⚪️ Upgrade your account to live
⚪️ Upload documents and get verified
⚪️ Upload your first profile picture
⚪️ Publish your first post with valuable content to the feed
⚪️ Deposit at least $250 to your account

Trade requirements 📈:

☑️ Open your first own trade
☑️ Do not close this trade for longer than 5 minutes
☑️ Invest more than $100 in this trade

☑️ Close your trade with a profit

Now you’ll be able to earn copy bonuses for being copied by other traders. Our Top Traders have on average 100+ copiers per trade. The size of the bonus depends on the level and currency of your trading account.

💡If you open positions using an NGC account, you will double your copy bonus. If you trade Forex and users copy you, your copy bonus will double for Forex trades.

The bonus is paid out instantly to your bonus wallet once you close your position and can be withdrawn instantly.

‼️ Please note: Copy bonus is paid out only for profitable trades.

👉🏻 You can find information about our withdrawal policies and limits in this article.

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