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Copy Trading Dashboard

All you need to know about the best tool to help you become a top trader

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To make it easier for our top traders to analyze their performance and improve it, we've created the Copy Trading Dashboard (Leader Dashboard) – the ultimate dashboard for our top investors 🔥.

This Dashboard allows you to monitor the most important stats that you need to keep in mind if you want to become one of the 🔝Top Traders at NAGA and is available for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Crystal VIP Levels.

The Copy Trading Dashboard contains all the key metrics📊 in one place which are grouped into three sections for your convenience: Trade stats, Copy stats, Social Stats. Let's have a closer look at each category!👇🏻

Trade stats📈

Through the Copy Trading Dashboard, you have access to all of your trading activity and statistics.

🔴 Here you can monitor the number of opened and closed trades with at least one autocopier per trade. Toggle between different time periods for a better understanding of your performance.

🔴 In the next chart, you can see how much profit you made for copiers and for yourself and what assets were the most profitable.

🔴 Discover the quantity of skipped and missed trades by your copiers in a user-friendly chart. Toggle between the different time periods to have a more detailed or general overview.

Copy stats👨‍💻

This section contains information about your copy premium as well as your copiers.

🔴 Keep track of your Copy Premium, which is paid based on the number of profitable autocopied trades and your NAGA VIP User Level.

🔴 Here you can find out more about the activity of your autocopiers: your total copiers, how many actively copy your trades, how many users stopped or started copying you and what symbols your copiers prefer when copying your trades. You can see exactly how many trades with the relevant instrument were copied by copiers.

🔴 With help of this chart, you can find out what is the most popular percentage range setting among copiers. Get an insight of what is the average size of their copied trade in relevance to the master trade. Compare how many users copy you with a setting "Fixed amount per trade" and how many choose to copy you with an amount "Relevant to Trader".

🔴 Find out what's the average period🕕 of time users actively autocopy your trades.

🔴 Discover where your autocopiers come from 🗺 and track your popularity score on the map.

Social stats 📣

This section helps you understand what content is popular👍🏻 among your followers and how often you engage with the posts of other users. Track the performance of your NAGA profile and the content you share. The more likes, comments, shares and views your profile receives – the better!

🔴 Here you can keep track of your social stats such as posts created, number of likes and profile views.

🔴 Being active on NAGA Feed is extremely important. Here you can track how often you interact with posts on the Feed and how your activity is changing over time.

🙌🏻 The aim of the Copy Trading Dashboard is to help every Investor test out their strategies, reach new goals, as well as track their social activities to reach a higher engagement with their followers and copiers.

🔴 Last but not least, the Copy Trading Dashboard provides you with all the useful information about your current club, stats about the club’s targets, and your current personal performance.

Visit this page to see your personal Copy Trading Dashboard! Hope you'll get lots of insights about your copiers there! And don't forget to try dark mode😎.

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