What is NAGA Popular Investor (NPI) Program?

NAGA Autocopy has become one of the most popular features on our social investing platform. Our top traders earn up to $1,200/day from just being copied by other traders. With NPI Program🔥 you can secure an extra profit for simply being a popular and active trader!

How does NPI Program work?

As a NAGA Popular Investor, you can earn up to 100K/month when being autocopied by other traders on our platform, thanks to our Popular Investors’ Fund. To be a member, all you need is a minimum number of 500 monthly active autocopiers, execute 5 trades per week, have a win autocopy ratio of 70% and publish at least 2 posts on NAGA Feed weekly.

❗️Please note that the NPI Reward is paid out every 6 months. This means that you need to fulfil the above activities continuously for 6 months to get a reward.

What benefits do we offer?

Depending on the number of autocopiers and the number of performed trades, NAGA Popular Investors become a part of exclusive clubs that come with their own set of benefits:

Additionally, the Popular Investor Referral scheme will allow you to earn an extra $50 for every new active autocopier you get on board with you!

🔝To move up through the Clubs you'll need to have at least 3000 active autocopiers to join Leaders Club and 5000 active autocopiers to become a member of Elite Club. Below you can see the requirements for different Popular Investor Clubs:

How to become NAGA Popular Investor?

The way in is quite simple too! All you have to do is:

  1. Register for NAGA Popular Investor Program via our website by filling out a simple questionnaire

  2. Get an Approval email

  3. Create and grow your NAGA profile

  4. Start trading!

    Once you get approved for NAGA’s Popular Investors Program, you will:

  5. Be contacted by our team representative

  6. Gain access to your personal Analytics Dashboard

  7. Receive your Popular Investor profile badge And more!

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