The quickest way to buy crypto is by visiting the Crypto Wallet section.

On this page, you can instantly see the current price of coins on your balance in the upper corner on the right ↗️. The equivalent amount in $ is an indication of the average current market price compared across other exchanges and does not reflect the amount of the NAGAX order book.

When you click on Buy/Sell button, you can also enter the amount you want to Buy/Sell and you'll see how much you'll pay/get after exchange.

‼️Both these numbers show an average price on the market at the moment, because instant exchanges are performed as market orders. The average price may vary depending on the liquidity of the order book at the moment and the volume you want to exchange. That's why it is possible that you'll receive fewer funds than the actual 'market exchange rate'.

👉 Learn what is a market order here.

❗️For better accuracy, you should always visit NAGAX to see the order book in real-time and if you do not wish to Buy/Sell at market price, you can add a pending limit order to the price of your choice.

Learn how to set limit orders in 👉 this article.

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