We at NAGA do our best 🌟 to offer you the whole palette of crypto products, features and instruments to help you manage, trade and utilise crypto in the best possible way.

💡 You’ve probably heard about Bitcoin, or cryptocurrencies in general, but never had the chance to use it properly. Don’t be scared by words like a ledger, nodes, or blockchain – they’re fairly easy to understand, and we’re here to help you arm yourself with the best knowledge, and become a part of this financial revolution.

However, only a few platforms allow you to purchase cryptocurrencies quickly, safely and with low fees. With NAGA you can buy and sell the most popular cryptocurrencies — such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, and more — in an instant and with low fees.

🙌 Starting your journey with crypto is very simple with NAGA:

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NAGA not only allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies and CFDs on crypto, but it also opens you up to a powerful financial community: you can share your trading experience and insights with a network of traders and investors and, at the same time, learn and borrow best practices that you can apply to improve your own strategies. All this is made possible because of NAGA’s unique integrated system where every functionality you may need is tied together in one platform.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital asset or currency. By “decentralized” we mean that this asset is not regulated or managed by any authorities or banks like conventional currencies are. Crypto transactions are processed via a distributed ledger called “blockchain” with the approval of all peers in the network. So, there is no need for any third party or regulator.

As cryptocurrencies are a relatively young asset on the market, their volatility is not stable. Therefore, many fintech platforms have turned to CFD trading as a means to raise profits via crypto without actually buying or owning it.

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What is CFD?

CFD (Contract-for-Difference) is an agreement between a seller and a buyer that is based on an underlying asset. Trading on CFD trade, you speculate on whether the asset will increase or decrease in value to eventually win (or lose) on the difference. Thus, you never actually own the asset but forecast whether it will rise or fall.

In a way, CFD resembles traditional investing. Investing in gold or oil, you purchase a bar of gold or oil in a bid to eventually sell it once the value increases and make a profit on the difference.

In the same way, you start a trade on an asset at a certain price, wait for the value to rise or fall, and make a profit on the difference if the price moves in your direction. The only difference of CFD trading from traditional trading is that you do not actually own the asset, but simply speculate on its volatility.

Here are the main benefits of CFD crypto trading:

▪️Cryptocurrencies are volatile. In CFD trading you can unveil the power of crypto without actually owning it;
▪️You don't need a crypto storage wallet or crypto exchange deals;
▪️You can benefit from both rising and falling markets.

If you are a beginner at crypto trading, CFDs may be your perfect place to start. NAGA offers CFD trading on crypto with no commissions or hidden fees, equipping you with all the trading tools you need, like stop-loss and take-profit limit orders.

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NAGAX: the best place to trade your crypto

NAGAX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, providing access to unlimited, commission-free trading. The platform delivers an impeccable trading experience thanks to the handy design and its wide selection of the best-performing cryptocurrencies on the market.

On NAGAX users can store, buy and sell these cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, DASH, XRP, USDT. On top of this, NAGAX provides access to its native cryptocurrency - NAGA Coin, which gives way to an attractive range of perks.

Providing fast fiat-to-crypto transactions, featuring a convenient interface and bank-grade security, NAGAX is all geared up to suit all your trading needs.

NAGAX integration with a crypto wallet makes crypto asset management easy and effortless. NAGA Wallet is a super secure payment gateway, enabling traders to store, receive crypto assets and also control numerous digital payment types at the same time. Using NAGA Wallet along with NAGAX you can trade your crypto and send it to your wallet right off the bat.

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Thankfully, with NAGA you are always in pole position as the platform gives you all the chances to boost your trading activity, whether you hold in NAGA Wallet, trade on the exchange or invest in CFD.

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