The most common ways to keep crypto are software and hardware wallets.

📱 The software wallets are easy to use and usually have more functionalities attached to them, most crypto exchanges use this type of wallet.
🔒 The hardware or cold wallets are devices that offer a higher level of security but lower flexibility due to the absence of an online connection.

Depending on your necessities, you can keep your crypto on any of these wallets. The most important thing is to make sure that your wallet offers extra layers of security.

NAGA Wallet, for example, has Multi-Factor-Authentication🔑. Thanks to the option of MFA, no one can access your funds, without knowing your Multi-Fac code. Besides that, your private key is securely stored in cold storage, which provides a bank-grade level of security.

With NAGA Wallet you can:
⭕️ Transfer crypto and tokens to other wallets
⭕️ Transfer crypto and fiat via email: learn more
⭕️ Deposit, store and withdraw tokens
⭕️ Make instant internal transactions with any crypto available on the platform
⭕️ Enjoy low-fee transactions and free access to stock trading
⭕️ Seamlessly convert crypto into other digital coins (including NGC) or fiat, like EUR and USD
⭕️ And last but not least: create crypto-based trading accounts and trade at NAGA using crypto!

👉 Find out more about the NAGA Wallet here.

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