NAGA takes all the necessary actions to maintain the ultimate security 🔒 and protection of your funds and personal data. Please read below what security measures do we take to keep your funds safe:

Crypto addresses change to reduce tracking points and ensure user protection
⏺ Our infrastructure is located across private clouds
⏺ We use extensive firewalls and load balancers to establish network security and best accessibility
⏺ We constantly monitor new threats and apply security patches immediately after release

⏺ Our servers are running Linux as OS and we have exclusive security support

⏺ We have even consulted expert firm Voltium Security AB that supports the world's largest music streaming service, Spotify

⏺ All private keys are stored in a standalone server and transactions are being signed offline

⏺ We also provide the option of Multi-Factor Authentication which we advise you to enable

⏺ We send email confirmation (to your email address associated with your NAGA account) for all transactions before they are processed

👉🏻 Learn how to use Multi-Factor Authentication here.

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