NAGA offers 5️⃣ Partner Programs: Introducer, Affiliate, PRO, MAM, PAMM.


🟡 Whether you’re a professional trader, an experienced educator or a person with a large network of clients, NAGA Partners is for you!
🟡 Enjoy the most competitive partner schemes in the industry
🟡 NAGA’s all-in-one solution provides endless opportunities for cross-selling and higher client loyalty and lifetime value
🟡 Flexible payout options
🟡 FX Majors: Receive up to $350 per million US$ traded
🟡 FX Minors and Exotics: Receive up to $600 per million US$ traded
🟡 Indices and Commodities: Receive up to $200 per million US$ traded


🟠 You can get unlimited benefits as a trading influencer on NAGA.
🟠 Receive up to $800 per client you introduce to NAGA]
🟠 Enjoy elite trading conditions
🟠 Get better returns on your referrals from your blog, website or network
🟠 Custom commission schemes tailored to your needs
🟠 Access to exclusive promotional material
🟠 Real-time tracking of performance through your portal


🔴 Bring and boost your community on the world’s first genuine social network for investment.
🔴 All-in-one, fully integrated solution that’s built for social investing
🔴 Multiple revenue streams from monthly PRO payments and earnings from your Autocopiers
🔴 Up to $2000 instant monthly payment
🔴 Up to $0.30 per copied trade, per trader
🔴 600k users across all products


🔵 Take fund management to the next level. Attractive benefits combined with social trading!
🔵 Multiple fee options including performance fee, management fee, $ per lot, profit fee and subscription fee
🔵 Ideal for Expert Advisors and automated strategies
🔵 Orders for an unlimited number of clients
🔵 Multiple allocation types


⚫️ Manage your clients in one powerful and dynamic platform!
⚫️ Customised fee levels
⚫️ P&L trade allocation
⚫️ Block orders
⚫️ Confidentiality of price and entry points
⚫️ Easy access to a portal

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