Yes, with NAGA PRO you can build your community and get rewarded for your activity.

How it works:

➡️ Create your profile page, as you would on any social network.

➡️ Invite your community to join NAGA and follow your profile.

➡️ Share valuable content (links, posts, videos — you can even duplicate what you do from your other social profiles).

➡️ Start sharing your trades. Simply trade on NAGA where all your followers can automatically copy your trades based on their preferences.
Whenever you get copied we pay you $0.30 (for copier/trade) withdrawable copy commission to your trading account. It’s unlimited and some of our trading influencers make $15 000 per month.

➡️ Share your trading signals via NAGA stories which are shown to 600 000 people in the community.
Every signal is pushed to all traders in the entire NAGA platform on the most visible and visited spot. And again: Whenever someone copies your signals, you get copy bonuses instantly.

➡️ Create your own channels and private groups. Tag a stock in the channel and truly chat & trade!

👉🏻 Please find more information on NAGA PRO here.

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