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Can I hide my trades from being shown on the Feed?
Can I hide my trades from being shown on the Feed?

Learn why there is no option of hiding your trading activity

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NAGA is a social trading platform 👥 based on the idea of making trading more accessible and open to everyone.

Keeping NAGA open helps to provide interactions between traders, to share stats and strategies, to compare results and performances, and to exchange opinions and insights.

Having said this, if this is your wish you can send us your request to [email protected] to set your NAGA account to Private. Once your account status has been changed, your statistics and trading activity will no longer be visible to other users of the NAGA Community. You will still have followers, other users will be able to follow you, and you will be able to follow other users.

A private user cannot be autocopied by other users, but they will still be able to copy other users.

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