I can't log in

Learn about potential authentication issues and how to fix them

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If you have trouble logging into your NAGA Account, follow this guide to solve a problem.

🌍 Check your internet connection
Your wi-fi connection may be lost or the speed is too slow. Try to connect to a different network and refresh your webpage.

🔐 Change your password
If you can't remember your password, click on Forgot password? prompt on your login page. Enter the email address connected to your account, and we will email you a link to reset your password.

🖥 Check your browser
Log in using a different browser or private window.
If you can log in successfully in a different browser or private window, clear your cache in the original browser and try to sign in again.

🧩 Remove browser add-ons or plugins
Add-ons and plugins can block cookies from being stored in your browser and may prevent you from successfully signing in.

🆘 Report an error
If you see an error message when logging in, please e-mail the error code to our customer support via [email protected].

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