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How can I change my current home address?
How can I change my current home address?

Learn how to change your residential address

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To change your residential address🏡, you need to send us your request ✉️ via [email protected] from your registered email address. Please attach a new/recent proof of address document as a confirmation.

Requirements for the proof of address document:

✅ No older than 6 months
✅ Issue date clearly visible
✅ Must include all pages issued
✅ Full name of the supplier/bank
✅ Full bill number/bank account number
✅ Your full name (that correlates with your identity document)
✅ Your full address

⚡️Energy/🚰water/ 🧮gas bills, ☎️landline telephone bills or 🏦bank statements will, in most cases, include all of the required information.

👉🏻 You can find more information about submitting the Proof Of Address/Residence here.

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