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How to build an attractive profile on NAGA
How to build an attractive profile on NAGA

Learn how to become popular on NAGA

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To build an attractive profile you need a few things to consider.

📸 Upload your Profile picture: use a clear picture of yourself. A face picture 👱‍♂️ creates trust, people are more inclined to connect with such profiles/individuals, and copy them.
👉🏻 Learn how to change your profile picture here.

🌌 Add a Cover photo: Your NAGA profile provides you with the freedom to personalise your profile. A cover photo is a great way to communicate aspects of yourself.

✍️ Fill in "About me": Write a few words about yourself. They can give a clear understanding of who you are – trader with X years of experience, favourite instrument is XYZ. Also, you should close with a call to action like: follow me to see how I am doing / Auto-Copy me and be part of my trading strategy.

Remember that building your profile on NAGA continues with your presence. There are ways to improve your presence. Just follow the steps below:

🌟 Be active on the Feed: Share your trading ideas and tag instruments with the $ symbol. Share charts, and quotes from your community.
👉🏻 Learn more about Feed here.

🌟 Engage: Either with people that comment and like your posts or on others’ posts and activities. And by the way, it’s good to participate in our polls and content. Our content is visible to everyone which means that your comments could also be seen by everyone!

🌟 Messenger: You can use it to chat with other traders and exchange ideas; this is how you start building your own community. Imagine every other messenger, but with a focus on traders and a direct link to trading.
👉🏻 Learn about NAGA Messenger here.

🌟 Blogs: Share your opinion on the subject and start exchanging ideas with other traders in the comment section below each blog post.

🌟 Community building: Find traders that have a trading style and activity you like. Follow them or add them as friends. Interact with their posts and start creating real, human interactions and relationships with them. Imagine NAGA as a big, virtual networking event that works for you 24/7. You can grow your contacts and your network very easily.

🌟 Add your NAGA profile URL to the description of your other social media (i.e. Twitter, IG, or Facebook) and ask people to follow you on NAGA.

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