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How can I change my email address?
How can I change my email address?
Change your email on your NAGA Account
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Here are the steps to change the email for your NAGA Account:

1️⃣ Please send a request email to our Support Team explaining that you want to change your email address. Attach a copy of your ID or Passport to this email.

Please send this request to [email protected]

2️⃣ Don’t forget to provide the reason you want to change your email address and explain briefly what happened.

3️⃣ Our Support Team will reply to you within 48 business hour period with a PDF file attached. Fill it out and sign it with your signature and send it back to us as a reply to the email.

4️⃣ If your details and signature match, we will update your new email within 24 hours.

For safety and security reasons, you may receive a verification call from our Support Team.

We understand that this process may take a bit of your time, but this measure is done for security reasons.

👉 Learn how to change your password here.

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