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How can I transfer funds between my accounts?
How can I transfer funds between my accounts?

Transfer your funds internally between your trading accounts

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If you have multiple trading accounts in your NAGA Account, you can easily transfer your funds between each of them.

❗️If you are not sure how to add multiple trading accounts, please read this article.

Please follow the followings steps to transfer your funds between your trading accounts:

🔵 Login to your NAGA Account
🔵 Go to Deposit/Withdrawals menu and head over to the Transfer section there as shown on the screenshot below:

🔵 In the Transfer section, choose the account from which you want to transfer your funds and the account to which these funds have to be transferred.
🔵 Input the amount you want to transfer, check the conversion rate if the currencies of the accounts differ. Then press "Transfer Money" button.

🔵 Your internal transfer will be executed immediately.

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