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Why was my trade closed automatically?
Why was my trade closed automatically?

Learn why your trade may close automatically

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Your active trade could have been closed automatically for any of the following reasons:

🔵 Margin Call – A margin call refers to a broker's demand that an investor deposits additional money or securities into the account to meet the maintenance margin. This happens when the balance of an investor's margin account falls below the broker's required amount. You can check your margin level any time you want by visiting or using the NAGA App. Learn what a margin call is here

🔵 Activated NAGA Protector – NAGA Protector could have been activated and your trade was closed. The Protector is a tool that helps you control your losses and secure your profits. You can readjust your Protector’s preferences and change the profit/loss levels any time you want. Learn what NAGA Protector is here

🔵 Copied trade – If the trade in question was auto-copied from another trader, then it was closed by the other trader.

❗️Please note: any active position copied before you stopped Autocopying a user, will still be linked to the master trade until closed by a trader.

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