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How can I connect my account with MT4/5?
How can I connect my account with MT4/5?

Connect your NAGA Account with MT4/5

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Once you download the MT4/5 Platform, you need to use your MT4/5 login details to connect your trading account.

You can download MT4/5 👉 here.

❗️If you have forgotten your account number and password, you can find the information in your trading accounts.

There you will see all your accounts in NAGA, and each one of them has different access to MT4/5, there you will find the account number and the password (by clicking on the three dots, as in the attached image).

1️⃣ Find the NAGA server at MT4/5: NAGA Servers Live and Demo
2️⃣ You will be able to access it with your account number and password

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