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What is a "lot" in trading?
What is a "lot" in trading?

What "lot" stands for in trading

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A "Lot" in trading is simply a unit of measurement for the price per one unit of the asset.

Why is "lot" that important? Because each instrument category has a different unit of measurement.

👉 For example, XAUUSD (Gold) is usually measured in ounces with 100 ounces being equal to 1 lot. All of the assets at NAGA that are available for trading have different lot sizes for them. It is pretty easy to check the lot size for each of them. To do it, you need to go to the asset itself:

👉 On the trading menu of the asset you need to press on the small "info" icon

👉 In the drop down you will be able to see the lot size

👉 You can learn more about what "lot" stands for in trading by watching our educational video:

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