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How can I change the leverage?
How can I change the leverage?

Change leverage at your NAGA account

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To request a leverage change of your NAGA trading account, you will have to send an email to our support team here.

To change your leverage there are a few things to consider:

​1️⃣ If you have open trades the change in leverage might affect your Margin Level and trigger a Margin Call and a Stop Out, you can contact Support whenever you feel ready to make the changes
2️⃣ Email us with your request stating your account number & desired leverage amount

The approval of your request to increase or decrease the leverage level is subject to an assessment of your trading experience, relevant knowledge, understanding of risk, and regulations.

❗️Please note:

🔵 Modifying your account's leverage may impact your trading, resulting in a greater risk to your capital.
🔵 Region restrictions may affect your request.
🔵 The Company reserves the right to reject your request.
🔵 Leverage changes can only be performed once every 24 hours.
🔵 The leverage can be changed only when there are no open trades.

🎞 If you would like to learn more about what leverage is, please watch this video:

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