Our trading fees are transparent and open for everyone.

Here are the trading fees at NAGA:

🟢 Swap: charged for holding a position overnight

🟢 Stocks: €0.99 (or equivalent in other currencies) for an in/out transaction
🟢 Commissions on ETFs : 0.10% on notional value
🟢 Spread: is the difference between Bid and Ask price
🟢 Copy fees: Fees applied on the position being copied from other users
🟢 Withdrawal Fee: 0-5 USD/EUR per withdrawal

❗️Please monitor and check our fees website where we update our fees regularly and you can see them transparently in the fee table. Make sure to stay informed about the current fees that may apply.

🧑‍💻 Learn what are the fees for Copy Trading here.

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