The key difference between platforms is that MT5 offers more tools and instruments. MT4 only offers Contract For Difference (CFD) assets from trading whereas MT5 expands its offerings to real stocks, futures FX trading instruments. MT5 is also faster and offers more built-in technical indicators than MT4.

However, every platform is different and while MT5 bring some benefits, sometimes MT4 can be a necessity. Find the right terminal for you by comparing them or use all of them simultaneously.

MT4 lets you trade in a familiar platform, while still allowing NAGA users to copy your trading activity that is synced to your NAGA profile.
🔵 Customisable interface
🔵 30 technical indicators
🔵 31 graphing objects
🔵 4 pending order types
🔵 3 order execution types

MT5 lets you trade a wider array of instruments, including real shares.
🔵 Transfer funds between accounts
🔵 38 technical objects
🔵 44 graphing objects
🔵 6 pending order types
🔵 4 order execution types

Compare all the features of the two platforms below:

🧑‍💻 You can learn how to add a new trading account here.

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