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How to open a trade?
How to open a trade?

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Opening a trade is very simple. Before doing it, please choose if you want to open the trade on your DEMO (test funds) or LIVE (real money) account. Switch to the account you want to use:

🔵 Learn the difference between a Demo and Live account here.
🔵 Learn how to upgrade your account to Live here.

You can open a trade by following these easy steps:

1️⃣ Head over to the Markets section

2️⃣ Choose the market you would like trade
3️⃣ Choose the asset/pair that you would like to trade

4️⃣ Choose if you want to Buy or Sell

5️⃣ Choose if you want to invest a fixed amount of funds or buy the asset in lots.

6️⃣ Set up if you want to open a trade with market price or at some specific price.

7️⃣ Set up your NAGA Protector if you want for take profit and stop loss. Learn more how to use it here.

8️⃣ Proceed with opening a trade. You are all set!

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