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I made a deposit but why can’t I see it in my trading account?
I made a deposit but why can’t I see it in my trading account?

Learn what you shall do if your deposit is not showing up on your account

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There are several reasons that can cause your funds to not appear in your trading balance:

1️⃣ Front-end malfunction. The interface simply does not show you the updated amount of your funds, even-though they are deposited to your account. This can happen, because of cached files or other issues and it can still be easily fixed with the following steps:

🔵 Reload the page and or clear cache and cookies - for Google Chrome and other popular browsers (Ctrl+Shift+R on Windows and Cmd+Shift+R on Mac OS) for Safari (Cmd+Option+R)
🔵 Log out and login back to NAGA
🔵 Make sure your browser is running the latest available version or even try using another browser.
🔵 Make sure you're running the latest version of the NAGA App if you are using iOS or Android App

2️⃣ Deposit delay. If you're funding your account with a credit/debit card or a wire transfer, there may be some processing delays from the banks. If you're funding with cryptocurrencies, the blockchain may be congested and delays may occur. If you're funding with alternative methods, their payment processing systems may cause delays. Please find below the approximate processing times for the various methods offered by NAGA (based on the payment method):

💳 Credit / Debit Card: 3-5 or even up to 10 business day
🏦 Bank Account - EUR: up to 3 business days in the EU / EEA zone; up to 6 business days outside the EU; USD: up to 6 business days
🔵 Alternative methods (Skrill, Neteller and others): up to 48 hours

❗️IMPORTANT NOTICE: NAGA does not accept deposits from third parties. Make sure you are depositing on behalf of yourself from the payment method that belongs to you.

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