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Are there any minimum deposits limits?
Are there any minimum deposits limits?

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💲 The minimum first deposit at NAGA is equal to 250 USD.

🧑‍💻 PRO Tip: if you are depositing in EUR, GBP or any other currency, please make sure that the amount of deposit in the alternative currency is equivalent or bigger than 250 USD.

250 USD is a sufficient amount to start your trading activity and have improved experience when using NAGA features such as copy trading.

🔵 You can always deposit as many times in any amount you want in the future.

❗️Please note that there might be some limits for deposits/withdrawals for certain deposit methods. You can check the deposit limits here.

🔵 If you are using a credit or debit card, try contacting your bank to remove any international transfer limits to be able to deposit the right amount.

Useful tips about deposits:

🔵 Learn how you can deposit your funds to NAGA here.
🔵 Learn how to check which payment methods are available in your country here.

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