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Why can't I autocopy?
Why can't I autocopy?

Learn what are the possible reasons you are not eligible to use autocopy

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The reason why you can't autocopy may be one of the following:

Insufficient balance 💰

If you have not enough funds on your account, a trade will be skipped. Please deposit more money to be able to autocopy.
👉🏻 Learn how to deposit funds here.

Margin Call 🛑

This problem is related to the first one. If the margin level falls below 100%, the amount of money in the account can no longer cover the margin required to keep the position open. Please deposit more money to be able to autocopy.
👉🏻 Learn more about the Margin Call here.

Trading level

Beginner and Elementary traders have no access to Autocopying Leaders. You will be able to take the test one more time 15 days after registration, which will give you the opportunity to go on a higher level.

👉🏻 Learn more about Trading Level here.

Your account is temporarily disabled

You can't autocopy if your account is temporarily disabled due to unapproved document verification (Proof of Identity / Proof of Address).
💁🏼‍♀️ In this case, please contact us via [email protected] to complete the verification process.

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