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What is Copy Premium?
What is Copy Premium?

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Autocopy can be beneficial for both the Copier and the Trader.

The copier can copy other more experienced traders. But what is there for the traders in it? We reward each trader that is copied by other users with rewards for each profitable copied trade. These rewards are called Copy Premium. You can receive it for every trade that other users copied from you. See requirements here. Our 🔝 leaders earn up to $20,000 monthly premium only from Copy Premium, on top of their profits from trading.

The Copy Premium mechanism is simple – you receive a copy premium for every copied trade if it meets the requirements. Hence, the more Copiers you have the more copy premium you get. However, copy premium may differ based on the type of your VIP User Level.

Premium Structure depending on the account level🏅:

For example, you have 200 Copiers and you open a trade on EUR/USD. For every Copier who profits from following your trades, you will receive a copy premium. Depending on your account level, this premium could be equal to the following:

‼️ Please note: Copy premium is paid out only for profitable trades.

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