Our achievement system splits traders into 6️⃣ achievement levels: Iron Trader, Bronze Trader, Silver Trader, Gold Trader, Diamond Trader, Crystal Trader. Each level has the same basic requirements list, but both the minimum net deposit requirement and exclusive rewards are different.

Basic level requirements:

🆙 Upgrade your Account to Live
📑Upload documents and get verified
🧑‍💼Upload your first profile picture and fill in the profile page
🗣Post your first post with valuable content to the feed

👉🏻 Check our Achievement Levels and Rewards for them here.

Traders move through the achievements levels (Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Crystal) by increasing the amount of their net deposit. For example, to become a Gold Trader you need to deposit at least $25,000 in fiat.

After reaching a new level, a trader receives new exclusive rewards as well as better trading conditions.

For example, your rewards for 🏅Gold Trader level are:
⭐️ Standard Spreads (e.g. EURUSD 1.7)
⭐️ Reduced Commission on Stock CDFDs (0,10%)
⭐️ $0.20 bonus per copied trade
⭐️ Daily NAGA Trading Signals
⭐️ Access to Webinars
⭐️ Margin Booster 0.50

You can learn your current achievement level in your user profile in your NAGA Account.

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