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Why my payment method is still not verified?
Why my payment method is still not verified?

Learn the reasons why your payment method can take longer to be verified

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As a regulated broker we need to make sure that all of our users and their payment methods are verified.

One of the most common issues our support team faces is when a user deposits funds via a credit card or a bank transfer, but does not provide us with a copy/photo📸 of the credit card or a bank statement.

❗️IMPORTANT: your credit card copy or image has to have the CVV code hidden and it has to show only the last 4 digits of the card 👇

We are a regulated entity and we need to comply with AML policies. That is the reason we require the copy of the card or bank statement from you.

If your payment method is not verified there are a few possible reasons for that:

🔵 Your payment method will only be verified with your first deposit.
🔵 Payment verification takes approximately 24 business hours. If the verification takes longer, it might be due to the fact that the documents you sent us do not follow our instructions.

In case your payment method is still not verified after the 24 business hours period, please keep an eye at your inbox for an email 📧 from our Support Team.

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