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How to verify payment method?
How to verify payment method?

Learn how to properly verify your payment method at NAGA

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For security reasons and anti-money laundering regulations, we are required to verify all the payment methods used for funding at NAGA.

💳 You can add your payment method to your account here.

Once your payment method is connected to your NAGA Account, you will need you to verify it by following the instructions in the email that we will send you.

To verify your payment method you will be asked to provide us with the verification details such as card scan or account holding proof document depending on the method that you have selected.

📄 You can upload the proof of payment method documents here.


Please scan/make a photo 📸 of both sides of the credit card 💳. The image should include the following data:

🔵 Full name of the cardholder, which has to be the same name that you registered with
🔵 The expiration date of the credit/debit card
🔵 Signature of the credit/debit card (on the back side of the credit/debit card)


Leave the last 4 digits of the card number visible (please cover the rest numbers). Cover the security code on the back side of your card (CVV)


Please send us a proof document of bank account holding.

Requirements for this type of document:
🔵 Document has to be issued not more than 6 months ago
🔵 Please make sure that you have account holders’ names and the full bank account number visible on this document


🟡 Please note that in case of bank transfers, your deposit must be transferred in either EUR or USD.

🟡 If the currency of your trading account is different than the one of our recipient bank account, then the amount will be converted based on the European Central Bank rates, at the closing rate of the previous business day.

🟡 Please note that your added payment method will be verified only after your first deposit to your account using this method.

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