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Phone verification problems
Phone verification problems

Learn how to troubleshoot phone verifications issues you may encounter

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Phone Number Verification📱

If you experience any issues with your 📱 phone verification during the registration of your NAGA Account, we compiled a list of tips that would help you solve them:

To verify your phone number you need to enter your phone number and wait for an SMS with a confirmation code. When you receive the one-time confirmation code to the phone you've provided, you will need to enter it 🤳 into the box in the pop-up window.

When verifying your phone number, please ensure that:

🔵 You have entered your own, personal phone number, which is valid, functional and can receive SMS messages.
🔵 You enter only the number itself without any special characters, spaces or country codes (the country code can be selected from the drop down field as shown on the screenshot):

You can choose the phone code of your country during the registration

🔵 It is the first and only time you have entered this number – if you have previously had a NAGA account or had someone use this number, please let us know by contacting our support team.

❗️Phone verification is a very important step that is required for us to ensure you are a real person. Thus, if you have any problems with it and this article did not help you, please contact our support at: [email protected]

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