NAGA Autocopy is an innovative feature that takes social trading to the next level. It is a powerful tool anyone can use to take advantage of someone else's expertise by automatically mirroring 🔁 their trading activity and results.

There are two ways you can Autocopy someone in terms of investment amount: Relative to the Leader and Fixed Amount Per Trade.

▪️With the Relative to Leader investment option, the minimum amount you can Autocopy someone is the minimum available position of an instrument.

▪️With the Fixed amount per trade, the minimum amount you can Autocopy someone is equivalent to $50.

💡However, we recommend you to start with at least $250 on your balance to make sure that you have enough funds to copy a trade or a few trades as the order volume and daily amount of orders made by the leader you copy may vary.

❗️If you don't have enough balance to copy the trade, it will be skipped. You’ll get a notification about the fact that you have insufficient funds and that you need to fund your account.
👉🏻 Learn how to deposit funds to NAGA here.

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