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What are the fees for copy trading?
What are the fees for copy trading?

Learn about the applied fees for using copy trading at NAGA

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NAGA Autocopy allows you to copy trade 🔁 other traders at our platform in a quick and easy way. Of course, our aim is to make copy trading beneficial for both the copiers and the traders who are getting copied (the traders who are copied by others, as they receive the pay-out each time someone copies their trade).

While Autocopy is a very powerful 💪 feature that gives the copier the option to trade like an expert by copying the activity of other traders, it is also an additional source of income💸, provided by a commissions-based system, for the traders who are getting copied.

To copy a trader you’ll pay a fixed €0.99 fee per trade. An additional fee applies only if your profit is more than €10. For any profitable €10+ trade, you’ll pay a 5% fee for copying a trader’s order.

Here are the fees that we charge for using NAGA Autocopy:

Example of how the fees are charged for using Autocopy:

👉🏻 Find the information about the Autocopy fee structure here.

👉🏻 If you want to learn how to use Autocopy, read this article here.

❗️The Autocopy fee will be added on top of the charged commissions already in place on the traded instrument. The Autocopy fee applies to closed copied positions (the equivalent amounts will be applied according to the account’s base currency).

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